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"Mikel & Pintxo is a tapas restaurant in Palma where we like to eat and drink well. Based on this premise, what can go wrong?

When you come to Mikel & Pintxo you will find a modern tapas restaurant located on the sea front at Playa de Palma, with a fresh and fun yet elegant interior design. A place in which to enjoy dishes and tapas that combine the tradition of the Spanish cuisine with the most avant-garde cuisine."

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We add love to everything we do, and we are in love with the city in which we work. Mikel & Pintxo is pure love.

1. We Love Tapas
Mikel & Pintxo is a an ideal proposal for those in love with the minimalist cuisine in the shape of tapas, rations and pintxos, offering also meat, fish and rice dishes.
2. We Love Wine
A culinary experience cannot only be valued by what we eat. At Mikel & Pintxo we know that, and thus we offer a selection of the best local, national and international wines.
3. We Love Sea
With the Mediterranean sea just 10 metres away (literally), how could we not love the sea? We incorporate sea products in our tapas and dishes, and our proposal to you is a sea based menu every Friday, as well as rice with lobster and fish and seafood paella every day.
4. We Love Palma
We are very close to the centre of Palma and perfectly connected to the city, both by private and public transport (bus route 15). Only 8 minutes separate the Mikel & Pintxo from the airport and 20 from the Cathedral.

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Mikel & Pintxo is not only a name, nor only a tapas restaurant in Playa de Palma where to go for lunch, for a drink or for dinner. We are a team that believes in what they do, that enjoys working and that loves to eat and drink well. Welcome to our home, that from now on will also be your home.