Comer productos de temporada en Mikel&Pintxo

Why is it important to consume seasonal products?

Seasonal produce plays a fundamental role in our lives, not only because it is available at competitive market rates, but because these products contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that are essential for our body. However, what makes seasonal products particularly special is the way they are harvested at certain times of the year. Oranges, for example, are harvested between November and May and are the most popular fruit to eat during this period. Who doesn’t like freshly-squeezed orange juice?

Although it is becoming more difficult to stick to only producing these products at certain times of year given the fact that our world is only becoming more globalised, our restaurant in Palma Bay guarantees fresh high-standard products that change according to the time of year. It is essential that we are aware of the importance of eating the right kind of fruit and vegetables for the appropriate time of year, without changing the natural ways of harvesting. For this reason, we, at  Mikel&Pintxo,  invite you to read the benefits of consuming seasonal products.

  • Vitamins and minerals. As mentioned above, these food products contain 100% vitamins and minerals as have they have ripened during the best time of year. You will be able to appreciate this in their intense colour and smell.
  • Healthy produce. Thanks to their natural cultivation, without the use of any growth-promoting agents or chemical products, these products are better for your health than those that are grown during times of the year that are considered unnatural for them.
  • Homegrown produce. If you are going to consume seasonal produce, it is better to opt for local produce as it makes them more readily available and so, if we support local producers, the quality and number of products available will increase.
  • Price. These products are becoming cheaper thanks to their natural cultivation and their increased availability thanks to the wide range of products grown in specific times of year.
  • Environment. These products contribute to a reduction of CO2 emissions thanks to the lack of chemicals and pesticides used, thus helping to reduce contamination.

Discover our tapas restaurant in Palma bay, where we strive to use seasonal products in our exquisite range of dishes served on the beachfront of the Mediterranean Sea, accompanied by the rich wines of Mikel&Pintxo… Say hello to September in the best way imaginable!  

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