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The best paella to eat in summer

We love paellas! Even thinking about them we can imagine being by the sea, enjoying a good meal with our loved ones and smelling the scents of summer. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a delicious seafood, or mixed paella, with a cold drink? In Mikel & Pintxo we are in love with this succulent dish and, although originally from Valencia, the truth is that we have taken a liking to cooking them in our restaurant on the beach in Palma, where you can discover our Majorcan paellas in a setting that invites you to make a toast with all the best ingredients.

  • Mixed paella. Perfect, the original one that doesn’t change, that is never forgotten and, probably, the one that we all imagine while we dream of summer. The mixed paella is well received anywhere. It is everyone’s favourite, and the one friends and family most like to share. We make it with a lot of love and with the best selection of prawns, clams, mussels, seasonal vegetables and pieces of chicken and pork.
  • Fish and seafood paella, the best of the sea at the table! This is one of the most select, and most elaborate paellas from Mikel & Pintxo. Fish and seafood paella is for people who love the flavours of the sea, for lovers of cod, squid, prawns and mussels, for those who can spend time flaking the tasty crab legs. This tasty collection of marine species is what we would recommend for seafood lovers.
  • Vegetable paella. This vegetarian option par excellence is very popular in summer as the lightest, healthiest version of the dish and in our paella restaurant in Playa de Palma we prepare an exquisite paella on a slow heat with top quality seasonal products.
  • Rice a la marinera. Although this is not strictly a paella, it is also worth mentioning. Rice a la marinera combines some of the ingredients of seafood paella with a much smoother, softer touch. It is a rice dish perfect for enjoying with a refreshing glass of white wine, on the beach.
  • Rice with lobster is another of the specialties on the Mikel & Pintxo menu that, although not a proper paella, is rather like a winter version, though you may prefer to try it in summer since who can resist the delicious taste of lobster?

Is this making you hungry? Enjoy summer as you’d like to and give yourself a treat by the beach at our paella restaurant in Palma. Since we would like you to make a great start to the summer, we give you the best quality in all our dishes and drinks.

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