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Wines of Mallorca, tasting excellence

What is Mallorca about? The Mediterranean with clear skies and breakfast by the sea. Mallorca is about good times, paella, seafood, parties, Dimonis waiting for the oportune moment, walks through the Tramuntana, ravines and torrents. Mallorca tastes like wine. A wide variety of wines that have evolved and been perfected over time and that are a real pleasure for the palate.

The wines from Mallorca are one of the great delicacies of the island. And this is demonstrated by its Denominations of Origin Binissalem and Pla de Llevant which, in addition to guaranteeing the production of wine on the island, help to promote local wines by organising a large number of events and wine tastings. The grape varieties that dominate in these vintages are the Black Mantle, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah for the reds and the Chardonnay, Moscatel and Sauvignon blanc for the white wines.

Are you also a wine lover? Whether you are an expert or just want to enjoy an exquisite glass at sunset, our tapas restaurant in Playa de Palma has a carefully set aside some of the best wines from Mallorca that stand out from the national wines.

From the variety of red wines the Macia Batle and Son Campaner Terra Rossa wineries, produced from the Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet varieties really stand out. The first, matured in oak barrels, distills aromas of forest fruits ideal for pairing with red meats, cheeses and sausages; the second is a perfect young wine to enjoy by itself at any time of the day.

For whites, we have Albaflor, from the Vins Nadal winery. This wine, from Binissalem, acquires its name in homage to the first wine made by Archduke Luís Salvador in Mallorca. This wine does not overpower but rather becomes the perfect partner to a seafood paella. In the same way, the rose varieties of Albaflor and Macià Batle bring a fresh and fruity touch to the food that perfectly accompanies appetizers such as grilled vegetables, mushrooms, peppers, prawns, squid and croquettes, among others.
Come and enjoy a good Mallorcan wine and enjoy an exclusive lunch or dinner on the beach with the best selection of tapas while discovering some of the best wines from Mallorca that have been grown on the island since the 18th century.

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