Locales emblemáticos de Palma

Emblematic establishments of Palma: visits you cannot afford to miss

Palma, although it is the capital of Balearic Islands, it is a relatively small town. Being separated from the mainland has caused, for centuries, the safeguard of its culture and traditions. While main leading international firms and franchises were landing in Spain, we were still using and shopping in emblematic establishments of Palma, known by all generations and within the years and because they still remind us which are our main identifying traits.

That’s why we are about to talk about some centennial establishments that still survive in Palma city. Exploring these emblematic establishments of Palma and getting lost among its aisles and shelves, or sitting down to watch hours go past while talking to our friends is a perfect plan when you visit the city.

Can Joan de s’aigo: this hot chocolate cafeteria was founded in 1700. Perhaps it is not the most ancient one in Europe but surely it is one of them. After more than 300 years it is still a popular meeting point for residents and tourists to have the typical hot chocolate with a Majorcan ensaïmada. We urge you to visit the most ancient establishment of Mallorca and currently most popular one. You will find it, up to now, in Can Sanç, 10 street and Baró Santa Maria del Sepulcre, 5 street also. In a few months a new local in Avinguda Alexandre Rosselló will be inaugurated.

Relojería Alemana: the luxury leather shop was founded in 1879 by the German Guillermo Krug who bequeathed the business to Pablo Fuster Cortés. It started its activity in Colon street and it is currently located in Paseo del Borne. It is a perfect place to find exclusivity and fine jewelry. It is an international benchmark.

La Industrial: this establishment is a toys’ store inaugurated in 1900 and it is located in Quint street number 8 in Palma. It is the most ancient toy store of Palma and the perfect place to get lost and to remember the toys of your childhood. There are a few centennial establishments in that area, such as La Pajarita, a sweet and chocolate shop inaugurated in 1872 with a façade that will certainly make an impression on you.

Hat shop Casa Julià: the hat shop and accessories Casa Julià was founded 119 years ago, in 1898. It is still located in the same place, Sindicato street number 23. You will find the best quality in each creation because they just work with the best brands around the world. Do not miss a visit nor trying to find the secret to still be on the doorstep. And, why not, try to dare to attire yourself with one of their hats to have a walk this winter in Palma.

As you can see, all these emblematic establishments of Palma, apart of being historical ones, are perfect to occupy your free time visiting the city. Do not miss that these are the places that have seen the growth of the city. We hope you will enjoy the visit, as we have done it since so long ago.

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