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13 refreshing cocktails for the summer

In Majorca summer takes over all the senses. And not only because of all the huge amounts of after sun that are smoothed on in the holiday season, but for that special glow that takes over the island at this time. The high temperatures and the Mediterranean make a perfect combination for relaxing on the beach, viewing a magical sunset, or savouring a delicious dinner on a terrace overlooking the sea. Do you fancy a cocktail? In our restaurant in Playa de Palma we offer a wide range of cocktails to give that refreshing touch to the summer whilst you enjoy yourself with your loved ones.

  1. Coco Loco. An ideal Caribbean cocktail to sweeten the day. The coconut cocktail is made from lemon, gin, syrup and white rum, and is a highly recommended option after dinner.
  2. Caipirinha. Originally from Brazil, this is one of the most refreshing mixtures that we suggest to give you relief from the high temperatures, since its main ingredients are lime, lemon, sugar and cachaça.
  3. San Francisco. Ideal to drink after a meal, this cocktail mixes several fruit juices, grenadine and a light touch of vodka. They say that its creator wanted to immortalize the colours of the sunrise in a glass. We also have the non-alcoholic version.
  4. Cubanito. Typical of Cuba, as its name suggests. This combination fuses lemon juice, hot sauce, white rum and tomato juice. And in our cocktail restaurant in Palma you can drink it by the beach.
  5. Mojito. Who hasn’t tried it? Undoubtedly, the Mojito is one of the most famous drinks in the world, and one of the most refreshing along with the caipirinha.
  6. 6. Piña Colada. As well as being one of the most famous songs by Rupert Holmes and Barry Manolo, this cocktail is one of the smoothest and sweetest choices that we include in Mikel & Pintxo’s drinks’ menus.
  7. Daiquiri. Made with lime and white rum, this drink was a favourite of the writer Ernest Hemingway, and is named after one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba.
  8. Margarita. As a great Mexican cocktail, the base of this drink is tequila and cointreau, making it a good choice to start the evening.
  9. Bloody Mary. A starter like no other. The Bloody Mary combines tomato juice with a wide range of fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, lemons, spring onions, artichokes … and a splash of vodka. It is thought to have originated that in New York.
  10. 10. Tequila Sunrise. A muse for the American music group The Eagles, this drink is prepared with orange juice, grenadine and, as its name suggests, tequila.
  11. Sex on the Beach. This is a very intense drink that includes peach liqueur, vodka, pineapple juice and cranberry juice.
  12. Long Island Ice Tea. Named for the colour it acquires by mixing all its ingredients with coca cola. This powerful drink brings together toasted rum, tequila, cointreau, vodka and gin.
  13. Hugo. A typical Italian aperitif; it is very pleasant to taste, since its main ingredients are white wine, mint, elderflower syrup and soda.

Don’t you think they sound delicious? Try some of our exquisite cocktails and drinks with your loved ones while enjoying a beautiful sunset on the terrace of your pintxos restaurant in Playa de Palma.

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