Curiosidades sobre el vino

7 curiosities about wine

Although wine is our companion in good meals and moments, there are a few things about wine’s world perhaps you do not know. Have you ever heard “drinking wine is not good for your health”? What would happen if we tell you this is not right? It has been shown that drinking a glass of wine per day is good for your health although we are talking about alcohol. Mikel & Pintxo, our restaurant at Playa de Palma, we have done a selection of curiosities about wine perhaps you do not know about it.

Curiosities about wine’s world

  1. The glass influences wine’s flavor. This is due to how ethanol’s in wine concentration varies depending on glass’ shape. It affects wine’s flavor, kind and aroma also, which concentration is higher depending on how width the glass is.
  2. Not all wines have to be served at the same temperature. To enjoy all aroma and nuances, it must be done in a proper way. White wine has to be drunk (6-8ºC). Red wines must be served between 16-18ºC. Rose wines, also cold, but not as cold as white wine. Temperature is more important than expected. This “temperature rule” can be applied to each kind of wine, but do not get surprised whether you are served a white wine not as cold as expected (some of them have to be served at 10ºC) or a cold red wine. Carbonic maceration red wine are great with some degrees less.
  3. Wine is healthy. It activates the metabolism and can help you to keep on weight, also to fight against oral bacteria and it helps to improve brain function. This is thanks to grape’s antioxidants, thus drinking sparingly.
  4. There is wine beyond red, white and rosé wine. These are the most known ones, but there is more variety. There are light body wines, dry or semi-dry. Generous, sparkling wines…Why do we have to try always the same? And do not forget sweet wines, the best way to finish a meal.
  5. Europe’s the largest wine producer in the world. First position in Italy, then France and Spain. Globally, USA’s production, China and Australia are also well known.
  6. Grape’s colorless. This is one of the curiosities we love to explain the most. Wine’s color depends on grape’s skin which is given during vinification process which will give the final color and aroma to the wine.
  7. Wine enhances food taste. If you pair a meal with wine you’ll enjoy food the most due to styptic properties of the wine. We recommend you to ask for the best wine to pair your food to our waiters.

So, wine’s good to pair any meal at any moment of the day. In Mikel&Pintxo we have a huge variety of wines and champagnes to discover whether these curiosities already given are true or not. Cheers!

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